Why Natural Keywords Placement Is Important To Blog Posts

Keyword Placement is incredibly valuable in search engine optimization. Keyword Placement directs organic search traffic to a given the content and helps to weed out blog non-serious buyers. If keywords are never used correctly, they may attract the wrong audience to your website. This kind of traffic may never make any purchase, and this is lost opportunities, which counts significantly in the corporate world.

For your blog to rank high in the search engines, you must implement good search engine optimization techniques. Therefore, this article aims at helping you list blog posts on the first page of Google SERPs.

Best search engine optimization techniques to monopolize your competitors

  • On page optimization

Each page on your website must be optimized with specific page keyword phrases. Remember search engines rank pages, not sites, so optimize your website pages to rank better for particular word phrases. For instance, if you have a pet site, you can have your pages optimized for:

Dog training
Cat Grooming
Parrot trick

It is advisable to choose very specific key phrases that appear 2-3 times in a page. The primary keyword phrase ranks well in major search engines. Secondary keyword phrases must appear 1-2 times in a page for it to rank better.

Suffice to note, your web pages must read well to visitors, and this is absolutely necessary to keep in mind during Keyword Placement otherwise you will get a lot of traffic on your page that does not give you the intended results. Your main keywords must be used in some of these places:

Title bar or web page title tag
Text header; heading that tops on your page
Sub-titles using h2 or h3 tags
Actual content
As the anchor text in outbound links

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page, optimization carries more weight in Google compared to on page optimization. Keep in mind that the content must be relevant with the page elements put in greatest order. What your links denote is much more important compared to the page itself.

What are the top keyword placement methods for better SEO?

  • Use the main keywords in the title of the page or post

Placing the keyword in the blog title is an essential step for ranking the keyword. Failure to place the targeted keyword in the blog title, the content may not rank well in the Google SERPs.

  • Use heading tags with the main keyword

The heading tags are important in blog ranking. Therefore, consider optimizing heading tags with the primary keywords.

  • Use italicized primary keyword in the blog

Include the main keyword in the blog after every five lines, and it should be underlined or bolded. This enables search engines to give more importance to the keywords.

  • Bog length and keyword density affects its performance

Blog articles must be at least 5oo words with the keyword placed three times after every one hundred words. The keywords must be included naturally.

  • Use the main keyword in the first and last sentence

First and last sentences have more weight in search engines perspective. Therefore, use the main keywords naturally to boost search engine rankings.

Keyword Placement is important in any blog as it enables search engine ranking. Besides, Keyword Placement must be naturally included, not just fixing.